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Kinko Japan is a leading online platform dedicated to providing high-quality and tailored content in the field of Japanese culture and arts. With a wealth of expertise and a passionate team behind us, we strive to deliver valuable insights, informative articles, and captivating stories to our global audience.


Our mission at Kinko Japan is to spread knowledge and deepen understanding of Japanese culture by delivering accurate and engaging content. We aim to bridge the cultural gap between Japan and the rest of the world, fostering a sense of appreciation for the country’s rich heritage, traditions, and modern innovations.


Our vision is to be the go-to resource for all individuals seeking authentic and well-researched information about Japan. We aspire to inspire cultural curiosity, encourage exploration, and promote meaningful connections to the diverse aspects of Japanese society. Through our platform, we aim to foster respect, open-mindedness, and admiration for Japan’s historical significance and contemporary contributions.

Company History

Kinko Japan was established in 2005 by Lisa Marshall, a seasoned expert in Japanese culture with a deep love and appreciation for its nuances. Lisa spent over a decade living in Japan, immersing herself in its customs, traditions, and arts. Witnessing the growing interest in Japanese culture globally, Lisa recognized the need for a platform that provides accurate and insightful perspectives beyond stereotypical portrayals.

Founder – Lisa Marshall

With Lisa Marshall at the helm, Kinko Japan benefits from her extensive experience and in-depth understanding of Japan. Her dedication and passion for promoting cultural appreciation have guided the team to create content that resonates with audiences of various backgrounds. Leveraging her strategic vision, Lisa ensures that Kinko Japan remains at the forefront of delivering authentic and unique content in a truly informative and engaging manner.

Website Objective

Kinko Japan’s website serves as a digital platform aimed at connecting people worldwide with the multifaceted aspects of Japanese culture. By offering a variety of articles, insights, and resources, we strive to enlighten and educate individuals who have a genuine interest in discovering the wonders of Japan. Our website’s objective is to inspire cultural enthusiasts, students, researchers, travelers, and enthusiasts alike, providing them a comprehensive and trusted resource to dive deeper into all things Japanese.

Target Audience

Our target audience encompasses a broad demographic that shares an interest in Japanese culture. From curious explorers planning their trips to Japan, academicians exploring cultural studies, individuals passionate about traditional arts and crafts, to current or aspiring students of the Japanese language – we aim to captivate and serve a diverse range of enthusiasts eager to broaden their knowledge and understanding of Japan.

Unique Value

At Kinko Japan, our value lies not only in the authenticity and accuracy of the content we provide but also in our exceptional team of highly skilled and experienced editors and contributors. Our experts bring deep insights into Japanese history, art, cuisine, traditions, and contemporary trends, ensuring that our content remains of the highest quality. By collaborating with prominent cultural organizations, we guarantee access to lesser-known details, uncovering hidden gems and going beyond superficial portrayals to provide our readers with truly valuable information.

Join us on our virtual journey through the cultural tapestry of Japan and discover the extraordinary beauty and richness it beholds. Connect with Kinko Japan today and awaken your senses to the wonders of this magnificent country.

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